BJP’s strategy to embarrass Shiv Sena; On Monday, Devendra Fadnavis’s…

Aurangabad : On the one hand, Sambhajinagar and on the other hand, on the water issue related to the common man, BJP has devised a strategy to surround Shiv Sena in Aurangabad. Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis sharply criticized Shiv Sena for forgetting about Sambhajinagar after Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray was seen to have scoffed at the demand to name the city of Aurangabad as Sambhajinagar.

The strategy is to use the ‘political mix’ of Shiv Sena against the issue of the city’s name change and drinking water. Why is it necessary to name the city Sambhajinagar? We have already done that. Sambhajinagar himself says that after Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray clarified this at a public meeting in Mumbai on Saturday, discussions began over whether the name of the city of Aurangabad will be changed to Sarkar Darbari. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving office. Before Karona came along, the division commissioner had submitted a proposal to the government regarding the name change. Nothing has happened since then. What is the need to do Sambhajinagar now? Saying that we have already given it that name, the role played by the Chief Minister fell in the way of the BJP. The Fadnavis have now accused Shiv Sena of forgetting Sambhajinagar.

If the state government submits a new proposal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make favorable decisions regarding the city’s name, Union Minister of State for Finance Dr Bhagwat Karad has said. In general, BJP has started preparations to encircle Shiv Sena. The BJP has decided to hold a morcha pot on May 23, adding to the polarization issue and the water issue in the Sambhajinagar issue. When Shiv Sena and BJP were in power in the municipal corporation, Shiv Sena used to make most of the decisions as the older brother. The BJP has not played a major role in relatively minor accounts and decisions. Even after Devendra Fadnavis became the Chief Minister, Shiv Sena had the upper hand in the decisions of the Municipal Corporations. Therefore, the BJP leaders are making a strategy that the Shiv Sena should be blamed for the wrong decision regarding the water and their image should be created that Shiv Sena’s Hindutva is adulterated. As part of this, at least 20,000 people are expected to take part in the march on May 23. BJP has called on women to join the march with pots. MNS workers have now started a journey to get Shiv Sena in trouble for the water. MIM has also started preparations to get around the water problem with Shiv Sena. Attempts are being made to paint a picture of the state government not implementing the plan to supply water to the city. When it was noticed that the water problem was becoming central, Shiv Sena announced a 50 per cent concession on the water supply. Although water was available for fewer days than any other city, Aurangabadkars had to pay Rs. Now it has been reduced to two thousand rupees. An atmosphere is being created where the rage against Shiv Sena will be reduced to some extent due to the reduced water supply. They also oppose the Shiv Sena’s policy of reducing the water supply. The BJP will require that only Rs 600 per year can be charged and the same amount should be charged if the municipal administration and the government behave in the same way as the water bill. Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis will lead the protest. Therefore, it is seen that the BJP is outlining the electoral campaign of the Municipal Corporation with the slogan ‘Polarization is more water’.

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