Atlas Cycle: 4 million bicycles once a year, closed the country’s largest manufacturer

On Wednesday, on the occasion of World Cycle Day, news came that Atlas, the country’s 69-year-old bicycle company, has stopped work in the factory due to financial constraints. This has created a livelihood crisis in front of 450 employees working in the company. The company has been struggling with financial crisis for the last several years.

However, there was a time when the company had a record of making 4 million bicycles annually. Now in the lay-off notice, the manager of the company said that the operators do not have the money to run the factory. There is no money even to buy raw materials. Therefore, the employees have been asked to take off from June 3. In such a situation, today we tell you how the company started and how it made its mark.

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This is the cycle journey of Atlas (according to the information given on the company website)

What is a take-off?
When the company does not have the money for production, then in that case the company only makes their attendance by not retrenchment and not do any extra work. The employee of the company will come to the gate every day to note his attendance and on the basis of the same attendance, the employee will be paid half the salary.
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