at adventure & sports, travel insurance policy may help you at difficult times

Utility desk. The craze of adventure sports is increasing among the youth. They enjoy adventures like bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, para sailing. But as exciting as these games seem, there is danger in them. In such a situation, it is important that you make the necessary arrangements before playing these adventure sports and one of these arrangements is to take an adventure sports travel insurance policy. In this insurance, the insurance company incurs hospital expenses on injury or any major accident during adventure sports.

Special things related to this insurance policy…

What is adventure sports travel insurance policy?

Adventure Sports Travel Insurance Policy Unwanted like injury, sickness, accident or death during adventure sports like zip lining, para-gliding, bungee jumping, canoeing and kayaking, glacier climbing, dirt biking skiing, kite wing, bobsledding, scuba diving etc. Provides assistance in situations.

Sum insured on these conditions 

There are certain conditions for payment of insurance money in the event of an accident during adventure sports. The insurance amount is paid only when all the activities are done under the supervision of trained professionals and the person taking the insurance cover has followed all the rules and safety measures prescribed by the trainer.

Provision for lump sum also

In the event of a serious accident during these games, many companies also pay you a lump sum. These include the Bajaj Allian’s Adventure Sports Policy Add-on Policy, under which a lumpsum amount of up to one crore is given to the policy holder on death in these sports. The same amount is paid in a lump sum even when disabled during adventure sports.

Many companies give this insurance

Insurance companies such as HDFC Ergo, Bharti AXA General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Godigit are also adding adventure sports to insurance plans. In some companies especially adventure sports policy has been implemented, while some companies have introduced the add-on feature of adventure sports in existing insurance plans.

Under these circumstances, you get the benefit

  • Protection against damage caused by natural disaster.
  • Medical expenses in case of any accident or ill.
  • Grant of lump sum to the family after death in accident.
  • Lost luggage during travel.
  • Cancellation of journey or delay of aircraft.
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