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Bharat Jodo Yatra: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Haryana today. After traveling for three days in Haryana, the Bharat Jodo Yatra will arrive in Delhi on the 24th, where he will take a 9-day break. At the same time, while addressing a meeting in Nanhu, Haryana, Rahul Gandhi said that this yatra is not for the Congress but for the unemployed, workers and farmers.

Rahul Gandhi during this time the central government and the prime minister Narendra Modi Targeting but said that, when the UPA government was in power, then a gas cylinder was available for Rs.400 and today it is available for Rs.1200. Previously, whenever PM Modi went somewhere, he used to talk about inflation. As he today he hesitates to talk about it.

This is the farmers journey… – Rahul Gandhi – QuoteParrot

The congressman said that I will look at night as you see in the morning. You will not see tiredness on our face because we move forward with your love not with hard work. He said that no power can stop this yatra because this yatra is not from the Congress but from unemployed youth, day laborers, small merchants and peasants of the country.

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Our endeavor is to bridge the gap between the public and the leaders – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi further said that today there is a gap between the leaders of Congress, BJP, SP and other parties and the public. The leaders think that there is no need to listen to the public and give speeches for hours. We have tried to change that on this trip. I tried to remove this distance. We are opening a store of love in the market of hate.

The congress deputy said that thousands of young people came to me during the yatra. Someone is trying to become an engineer, someone wanted to be a doctor. When I ask you what you do, you say, I’m driving an Uber, I make salaries. This is unfortunate.

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