All About Corona Virus COVID-19 Full Report – President Donald trump

Corona is growing so fast that the ‘weed’ that is emerging on social media is growing faster than Corona. The world is now turning to social media for reliable news.

This is the 114th verse in Brahmanagari’s ‘Kallanjana’. China in the Northeast Corona means Corona !! The Brahmangaru, who spoke of the corona about three hundred years ago, also predicted what human horoscope would look like for five thousand years. It is amazing when those words are ‘match’.

Corona started in December. The poem has since gone viral on social media. The two words Brahmangaru used in the poem ‘northeast’ and ‘koraki’ corresponded to the corona virus. There is another saying in the poem, ‘Kothi kadikal tapi’. It is a word that confuses those who believe in prophecy. Corona has already infected millions of people .. We are not among the billions of people! That is doubt.

Those who do not believe in social media for anything other than timepiece do not even believe in the brahmagari poem. The lack of trust in Brahmangari is not. Not being able to trust social media. It is believed that the papers will be written as ‘Brahmangaru anaday said’ .. The same news will not come on social media. Fake news has increased and gradually lost credibility because of the ‘net’ of what they liked. That is why .. When you see the poem that goes viral, ‘poisonous wind is born in the northeast ..’, there is a doubt that the Brahmangaru wrote, someone wrote and named Brahmangaru in the old letters.

Corona is so prevalent in the outside world that it is spreading beyond the social media world. Until we saw the early morning papers, we were confused about what was true or what was false. On Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp .. Various articles around Corona everywhere! A story that corona virus was secretly created in a lab in China and left over the world! Another story that Microsoft chief Bill Gates did not foresee was coming out, but Corona! Another story is that in Taiwan, which is part of China, millions of people have already died of coronavirus (Taiwan’s population is two and a half crore) and that China has hidden it. Another story is that all the citizens of Italy have taken to the streets against the Chinese for waking up the corona epidemic. None of this is true.

I miss my hands
Donald Trump doesn’t take anything seriously. He is either the Korean President Kim or the Corona from China. The coroner himself came and stood in front of him. And why did you come here? Do you know how much I miss my hands? ‘ Anestaru. At a recent White House meeting, the Corona Virus White House Coordinator said Trump often said that he should wash his hands and touch his face with his hands. Trump said so when Corona entered the U.S. to wander around the world. ‘This is not a big disease. It’s like a seasonal jabu ‘. Trump is currently in the presidential campaign for the second term. Corona came in this time. The leader tells someone to be brave. And Trump also dares people to … That Corona had no need to fear. Social media started catching it and giving a different picture of Trump’s words. In order to prevent Trump from winning again, his opponents have been campaigning on social media with the fake news that “Trump is irresponsible on Corona.”

Why does China create Corona? Dominance over the world! Bio Weapons are going to be made, and the experiment spawned Corona! Why is Bill Gates’ hand behind the corona outbreak? The Bill Gates Foundation, which discovered Corona Kashmora three months ago, funded a company to invent the corona vaccine. The Foundation, which is also predicting coronavirus deaths of 6 million to 50 million deaths, is keeping the disaster confidential in order to make profit for vaccine patent companies. But why does Taiwan hide the virus deaths? If China knows, Taiwan is taking over the whole area in the name of reducing deaths!

On the one hand, social media outlets have been making a lot of sense. Karano’s Beauty is also in these huts! Information on the secretions, fluids, and powders that increase coronary artery disease. “There are also reports that drug makers are doing business with the common cold and coughing mask and naming it Corona. Checkpoint, a cybersecurity company that has seen more than 4 thousand websites with the names “Corona” and “Kovid” since Corona launched earlier this year. The World Health Organization has also taken steps to eliminate the coronal ‘infodemic’ in parallel with the corona epidemic. Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times investigation revealed that despite the vigilance of whatsapp and other companies, this false information in the form of videos, photos and posts continues to intrude. The corona of dilemmas is prevalent throughout the world, not just in English, but in Hindi, Hebrew and Farsi.

‘Fake’ insect spreads faster than insect. People are believed to have a little fear and arouse suspicion. The thing is going viral. It takes some time for the insect to pass from man to man. Fake insect doesn’t need that much time. Spreads within moments as posts, shares, likes, reposts! Look at the floods that engulfed Kerala in August 2018. How many fake news! “A man refused to wear a life jacket. This is because it is saffron. He concluded that the saffron was a symbol of Hindutva and that the victim would not wear it. In the floods of that day, a post went viral. It was also reported that Chief Minister P Vijayan had issued orders to make life jackets green instead of saffron. Even the national media published it.

Something else like this. “The Mullaperiyar Dam will collapse in a while. The dam is already leaking. Dam collapse guaranteed. Ernakulam is sinking. A friend at PIMO told me this. An audio clip went viral, creating panic among the public. In the end, the government had to explain that it was a fake and there was no such danger.

Floods are limited to one location or one country. Corona is all over the world. The United Nations has also declared this a catastrophic disaster. That means ignoring. Man has the power to face any number of cosmic calamities. There is little to no epidemic of man-made propaganda and mankind has no power to withstand it. From time to time, the only way to “fake” the weeds in the crop is now.

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