Akola: Head of the Mangrulpeer Municipal Council of Washim District…

akola Washim: A team from the Washim Bribery Prevention Department arrested two people while accepting a bribe of Rs. The accused are Deepak Narayan Ingole (42, Director General, Nagar Parishad, Mangrulpeer) and Aslam Jamil Siddiqui (55, Private). A commotion has broken out in Washim district after the CBA nabbed a senior official. Meanwhile, the ACB team raided the home of the prime minister and seized Rs 5 lakh 22,000 in cash. According to the complaint filed by the whistleblower with the Washim Bribery Prevention Department, the whistleblower owned a land in Mangrulpeer city that was invaded by some people. The plaintiff requested the removal of the encroachment from the parcel. The chief demanded a bribe of Rs one lakh in exchange for removing the invasion. An investigation carried out on March 23 and 24 concluded that he had solicited bribes. A trap was set in Mangrulpeer on Tuesday night. A private individual accepted a bribe of one lakh rupees for the prime minister. The ACB team arrested the two defendants in the case. A case was registered against the accused at Mangrulpeer Police Station. The operation was carried out by a team consisting of Washim ACB, Deputy Superintendent of Police Gajanan Shelke, Entrapment and Investigation Officer Mamta Afune and Police Inspector Mahesh Bhosale. A CBA team raided the prime minister’s residence in Washim. Five lakh 22 thousand in cash was seized from the house at this time. The defendants have been brought before the court.

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