“Ajit Pawar’s finance subject is a smart and crude man”; Nilesh Rane…

“Ajit Pawar’s finance subject is a smart and crude man”; Nilesh Rane criticized the Deputy Chief Minister

Maharashtra received the highest amount of Rs 14,145 crore. The state government has claimed that 50 percent of this amount is left over.

Nilesh Rane takes aim from Twitter (file photo)

The central government on Tuesday distributed Rs 86,912 crore in tax subsidies for goods and services to states. Of this, Maharashtra has received the highest amount of Rs 14,145 crore. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had recently claimed that the state was Rs 26.5 billion in arrears. According to this, the state’s arrears of Rs 12,000 crore are still with the Centre. The Center has claimed that all compensation has been distributed among the states. While the allegations are refuted based on data released by the Center, the state’s Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar also reacted to this issue, saying that 50 percent of the money is still in the Center. But now, with this backlash, BJP leader and former MP Nilesh Rane has criticized Ajit Pawar, saying his finances are a raw issue.

“Yesterday we received Rs 14,150 crore of GST from the Center. There is still Rs 15,000 crore left. We are also trying to get it,” Ajit Pawar said while speaking to reporters in Pune on Wednesday.

Nilesh Rane has lashed out at Ajit Pawar for this statement. “Ajit Pawar says that 50 per cent of GST has been paid and there is still a balance of Rs 15,000 crore. I am surprised by Ajit Pawar, Maharashtra is a large and advanced state of Rs 5 lakh crore, but the discussion on GST of Rs 30,000 crore shows Ajit Pawar’s finances are rough A smart person should have this account,” Nilesh Rane said on Twitter.

Also in another tweet, “All talk is about GST but Thackeray govt imposed Rs 2 lakh crore debt on Maharashtra in two years. Who doesn’t talk about this. Thackeray govt is the govt that will impoverish Maharashtra in Rs 2 lakh crore in two years. The interest on the loan is Rs 50 000 crore. The Finance Minister of Maharashtra does not say how the loan will be repaid on time,” said Nilesh Rane.

What exactly is the amount?
Out of the amount disbursed by the central government for goods and services tax, Rs 14,145 crore has been allocated to Maharashtra. The state has received the largest amount of compensation paid to states. The central government has stated in a press release that it has distributed compensation to all states until May. However, during a televised meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray made it clear that the state would receive Rs 26.5 billion from the Centre. There are signs of more conflict between the Center and the state over goods and services tax arrears. This is because the Center has claimed that the states have paid all the compensation. Now only the June amount is paid, the Center said.

What does the paper say?
However, the Chief Minister had said that Rs 26.5 billion was owed in back taxes on goods and services. According to state finance officials, the arrears amount to Rs 26.5 billion. The Center had announced a five-year compensation for the goods and services tax. This period ends in June. States have demanded that the compensation scheme be expanded. Especially non-BJP governed states have made this demand. Although the Center has not yet clarified anything, it is unlikely that the Center will provide grants to states. The Goods and Services Tax Compensation Fund had a balance of Rs 25,000 crore. The Center has distributed more than Rs 60,000 crore of its own funds, according to a press release issued by the Department of Finance.

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