Ajinkya Baburao Mane from Islampur on Country Merit List

Ajinkya Baburao Mane from Islampur on Country Merit List

Ajinkya Baburao Mane from Islampur was ranked 424th in the country’s merit list in the examination of the Central Public Service Commission.

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Sangli: In the examination of the Central Public Service Commission, Ajinkya Baburao Mane from Islampur was ranked 424th in the country’s merit list. The resounding success of it is being praised by the locals. Ajinkya completed his secondary education at Adarsh ​​High School, Islampur, his engineering degree at Rajarambapu Institute and his postgraduate degree at NIT Surat. He also worked for a few years after his M.Tech degree. He had been preparing for the UPSC exams for the past three years. He has succeeded on the third attempt. Ajinkya said that the encouragement of his parents and the guidance of his two older brothers were helpful in his success.

He commented that the success was due to continuous study, careful study of the curriculum, knowledge of national and international issues, especially the more serious study of sociology. Ajinkya’s parents are teachers, one brother is a senior officer in the Indian State Defense Service of UPSC, the other brother is an officer in a large company in Germany. Ajinkya Mane’s hometown is Nerle (Tal. Walwa).

The success of engineers in Kolhapur

Kolhapur: Two engineers from Kolhapur district have been successful in the Central Public Service Competitive Examination. Swapnil Tukaram Mane went from being a fruit vendor to a chartered officer. Ashish Ashok Patil, the son of a primary school teacher, has made a spectacular leap. The results of the Central Competency Examination were announced on Monday. Ashish Ashok Patil from Salshi (Tal. Shahuwadi) was ranked 563rd while Swapnil Tukaram Mane from Siddhanerli (Tal. Kagal) was ranked 578th.

The other Navandar de Solapur ranks 32nd in the country

Solapur: Another Nitin Navander from Solapur was ranked 32nd in the country in the examination by the Central Public Service Commission. It is noteworthy that he has succeeded in this competitive exam, which is considered the most difficult in the country, studying day and night without private tutoring. Anya’s father, Nitin Srinivasa Navander, is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession. Matoshri Aparna Navander is a judge at Alibag. Her grandfather Srinivas Navander was also a judge. So the house has an educational environment from the beginning. Ella’s sister Nidhi is studying engineering.

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