Airport guidelines now there will be no need to remove the charger from the phone and…

Guidelines for new airports: At the airport, due to the removal and placement of laptops, cell phones and chargers from suitcases before control, long queues of air passengers form and a lot of time is wasted. But now this will not happen. Because these new scanners will soon be installed at airports, so passengers can get in without taking their laptops out of their bags.

Significantly, until now the laptop has to be taken out of the bag and kept in the X-ray machine, but it is claimed that with the advent of new detection machines, there will be no need to take the laptop out of the bag for examination. .

This technology is in the airports of America and Europe

According to a report in the English newspaper ‘The Hindu’, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety (BCAS), which is responsible for civil aviation safety, will issue technical standards within a month, after which the airport will have modern technology to inspect bags without removing electronic devices from passengers Machines will be installed. We tell you that this technology is already being used in many airports in America and Europe.

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The first machines will be installed at airports in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

An official from the Union Civil Aviation Ministry was quoted by the Hindustan Times newspaper last week that our aim is to evacuate passengers faster and with better security equipment. The report states that the new machines will be installed at all major airports like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad first and will reach other airports within a year.

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It is noteworthy that in the past, there were reports of large crowds of passengers and chaos at the Delhi International Airport. People had to queue for hours to catch the flight. From the main entrance of the airport to boarding the plane after check-in and security control, it took a lot of effort. After passenger anger erupted on social media and media reports about it, the Ministry of Civil Aviation took the initiative to increase facilities at the airport.

Let us tell you that Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia visited the airport after the news of the huge crowd of passengers and chaos at the Delhi International Airport and said that more x-ray machines and staff have now been installed at the Terminal 3. Along with this, he said additional measures are being taken at other airports including Mumbai and Bangalore.

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