Ahmednagar: Farmers in Puntamba village again aggressive; Gram Sabha..

In 2017, farmers in Puntamba in Ahmednagar district started a statewide agitation. The unrest started from the town of Puntamba and spread throughout the state. Not only the state government but also the Center had to take note of this agitation. After this, once again the peasants of Punatamba have gathered for several questions from the peasants. He has warned of agitation. Today a Gram Sabha was held in Puntamba to decide the direction of this movement. A total of 16 resolutions have been approved.

A statement on the related claims will be filed with the state government. If a proper decision is not made in the next seven days on this statement, the farmers warned that a protest will be held in the town of Puntamba from June 1. The dam agitation will be held for five days from June 1 to June 5, even after the government did not wake up, but after June 5 the next direction of the agitation will be decided.

16 resolutions passed at Gram Sabha in Puntamba

  • Sugar cane should be given a subsidy of Rs 1,000 per acre.
  • The remaining sugar cane is to receive a subsidy of Rs 2 lakh per hectare.
  • All crops, including onions, must be guaranteed.
  • Onions should receive a subsidy of Rs 500 per quintal.
  • Farmers must get electricity at full pressure during the day.
  • Forgive the late electricity bill.
  • The export ban on onions and wheat should be lifted.
  • All crops must be given a basic price.
  • To do this, a decision must be made by creating an independent commission.
  • Debt forgiveness in 2017 should be implemented directly.
  • Grants must be awarded to regular borrowers.
  • Like the US, the milk must also be guaranteed.
  • Milk must be priced at least Rs.
  • Enough looting in private milk collection centers.
  • Compensation should be given in case of loss of agriculture due to wild animals.
  • All crimes committed against farmers in the past must be withdrawn.

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