Ahilyabai’s point of view is clear in the work of Rohit Pawar…

Ahilyabai’s point of view is clear in the work of Rohit Pawar – Sharad Pawar

“Ahilya Devi’s job was all-encompassing. It was to promote change”

“Ahilya Devi’s work was all encompassing. She was a catalyst for change.”

NCP has organized a program on the occasion of Ahilya Devi’s birth anniversary in Chondi, the birthplace of Ahilya Devi Holkar. A meeting has been organized in Chondi and at the invitation of Rohit Pawar, Sharad Pawar also attended the event. Sharad Pawar has come to the jubilee celebrations for the first time after nine years, ie September 8, 2013. Speaking on the occasion, he said that Ahilya Devi’s work was complete. He said that he was encouraging for the change.

“Today is a historic day. On the occasion of Ahilyabai and Yanimitta’s birthday, the work they are doing is passed on to the new generation. Many eminent women have passed away in this country. But the memory of three women is generally remembered throughout the country Rajmata Jijau, Savitribai Phule and Ahilya Devi Holkar,” said Sharad Pawar.

“It’s time to tell Sharad Pawar that I am a Hindu in old age”

“Rohit Pawar and his grandfather wrote the law?”

“Jijamate gave Shivaji Maharaj confidence to fight against injustice. Savitribai opened the doors of education for girls. Ahilya Devi did a different job and that is, she took charge of the state even after the family crisis and established an ideal country in terms of administration. After coming to power, she used herself to stop wrong practices in society and insist on what is needed. They tried to stop wrong practices in the society, paid attention to the prohibition of dowry, decided to allow widows to live with dignity, decided in the context of Kanyadana. She put into practice the concept of interreligious harmony to manage the state with people from all castes. After the administration came to power, she set an example of how to lead it before the country,” said Sharad Pawar.

“I don’t compare, but Savitribai’s work went in a different direction, Jijamat’s work was different and Ahilya Devi’s work was more comprehensive. It was meant to promote change,” said Sharad Pawar.

Speaking further, she said: “Today, Ahilya Devi’s birthday is very important to honor the women of the country, boost their confidence and empower them. I am really grateful that she has been released and I thank those who worked hard for her release, and We’re glad she’s alive.”

“This is all a drought in Maharashtra. The pain of the drought in the Karjat Jamkhed area is very old. The issue of the industry has not escaped. I am happy that the people here have elected a young activist like Rohit in good sense. Given the opportunity to work in her hands. Over the past two and a half years, a number of works have been carried out where it is appropriate to touch upon Ahilyabai’s point of view. Ahilya Devi, for example, went to great lengths to solve the water problem in your life. Water provided from that bar. When people are asked about their expectations, they just say water. After taking charge, Rohit met with the ministers of the concerned department and held several meetings on how to bring water here. I am sure that in the next period we will see the beginning of the solution of the water problem here,” said Sharad Pawar.

“Another characteristic of Ahilya Devi is that she gave work to the people of her state. Maheshwari cloth, Maheshwari sari is famous throughout the country for giving weavers opportunity to work. In doing so, she kept in mind the principle that they should be employed more hands and succeeded at it,” reported Sharad Pawar.

“Today, in memory of Ahilya Devi, your young MLA has met with the industry ministers to find out how MIDC will be established here to grow industry, select the land and prepare for MIDC to come to this area, to establish factories here Ahilya Devi focused on transportation during her reign. She made roads to many places. I see that after Rohit took over the responsibility, two very important roads were approved for this area. Her work started in earnest. So either whether it is roads, water or employment, I am sincerely happy that your MLA is working today in this area keeping in mind the same formula that Ahilya Devi put forward. It is your duty to ensure that the river of development flows into this area,” he said Sharad Pawar.

“But I urge you all to cooperate in this work. I hope that if the efforts of your community are successful in five years’ time, this story of changing the face of Karjat Jamkhed will be made here,” Pawar said.

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