After Supriya Sule’s husband called her a ‘misogynist’, Chandrakant…

Chandrakant Patil on Sadanand Sule: BJP state chairman Chandrakant Patil’s criticism of NCP MP Supriya Sule has sparked a new controversy. In reaction to Supriya Sule’s statement, Chandrakant Patil advised her to cook. Also, it was said to go to Delhi or go to Masana. After that, Supriya Sule’s husband, Sadanand Sule, expressed his anger and called Chandrakant Patil a misogynist. Chandrakatan Patil has provided an answer to all these developments. He was speaking at a press conference in Mumbai.

What did Sadanand Sule reply?

“This is the state chairman of the Maharashtra BJP and he is talking about Supriya Sule. I always thought they were misogynists, insulting women whenever possible. I am proud of my wife, she is a housewife, she is a mother and a successful politician. Like other hard-working and talented women in the country, Chandrakant Patil has insulted all women,” said Sadanand Sule.

Reply from Chandrakant Patel

When asked about the criticism made by Sadanand Sule, Chandrakant Patil said: “It is my nature to respect any woman, not just Supriya Sule. No one has that many female MLAs in my party assembly. So learn to live a little in a rural area. Mother also tells Pora to go to Masana. That didn’t mean she had to go to the graveyard. Also, if there’s nothing to gain, there’s a way to say it. So there’s no disrespect by Supriya Sule. We respectfully question each other when we meet. Therefore, Supriya Sule has given a positive answer.”

Sadanand Sule got angry with Chandrakant Patil who told his wife to go to Masanat; “I always thought so.”

“What’s the point of being misogynistic? Let’s drop the kitchen issue, I just told you to go home. So, Sadanandji, it’s not in my nature to disrespect not only your wife but also anyone else.” woman,” said Chandrakant Patil.

Commenting on the comments made by Yashomati Thakur, he said: That’s why you don’t have to make a big deal.”

“Why are you in politics, go home and cook”; Chandrakant Patil criticizes Supriya Sule

Saying the NCP’s reaction was that voters would send you to Masana in 2024, he said: “Everything has to be prepared in a democracy. They don’t agree, but the cycle of time turns. Time will tell who will send who to Masana”.

Where did the controversy start?

The controversy started with a statement by Supriya Sule on the issue of OBC booking. “We had decided to fight together for the reservation of the CBO. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh went to Delhi. What did that government do in two days and there was a meeting in Delhi and they got justice and treated us unfairly? I will ask the central government for the answer,” he said.

Supriya Sule’s first reaction to Chandrakant Patil’s statement “Go home and cook”; She said, “I love him so much!”

In reaction to Supriya Sule’s statement, Chandrakant Patil advised her to cook. “Why do you live in politics, go home and cook? Are you a MP? You don’t know how to meet a Chief Minister. If you don’t go to Delhi, go to Masana. Search and make reservations,” said Chandrakant Patil.

What did Chandrakant Patil say?

“Go home, cook. Go to Delhi, if not go to Masana,” Chandrakant Patil told NCP MP Supriya Sule. MP Supriya Sule had asked, “After the meeting in Delhi, the decision was made of granting a reservation to the CBO in Madhya Pradesh.” Sule had also said that he would ask the central government about this when he visited Delhi. When Chandrakant Patil was asked about this by the media, he made this controversial statement. Patil also asked the representatives from the media: “Do you know Masan?”

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