After MNS tweeted photos of Sharad Pawar and Brijbhushan Singh…

MNS has shared photos of BJP Chairman Brijbhushan Singh opposing NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar and Raj Thackeray’s visit to Ayodhya. Through these photos, MNS has accused Sharad Pawar of indirectly targeting and supplying supplies. Raj Thackeray had alleged that supplies were provided from Maharashtra to oppose his visit to Ayodhya. Meanwhile, the PNC has reacted after the MNS shared the photo on social networks.

State Logistics vs. Ayodhya tour: Raj Thackeray

MNS leader Prakash Mahajan had previously accused Sharad Pawar of providing logistics for Raj Thackeray’s visit to Ayodhya. Since then, MNS has shared two photos of Sharad Pawar and Brijbhushan Singh. This photo shows Sharad Pawar and Supriya Sule with Brijbhushan Singh. It does not specify when the photos were taken. But from the banner on the back, this is a wrestling event and it appears to have taken place in Maval.

Did Sharad Pawar provide logistics against Raj Thackeray? MNS photo tweet of Pawar family and Brijbhushan Singh; discussions abound

Raj Thackeray’s secretary, Sachin More, has shared these photos on Facebook. As she shared these photos, she said, “Some photos are good… and some are true.”

NCP reaction –

NCP spokesman Mahesh Tapase reacted to this while speaking to ABP Mazha. He said: “I don’t know if it’s childish or childish. We haven’t made any statement about Raj Thackeray anywhere. In all the meetings he made statements against Sharad Pawar. Maharashtra had high expectations of him. But if you look at the three speeches, the NCP was talking about what Sharad Pawar did without talking about you, the party, the role.”

“After Raj Thackeray announced his visit to Ayodhya, Brijbhushan Singh protested. He is a BJP MP, not an NCP MP. While Raj Thackeray was praising Yogi Adityanath, he did not say a word. When he was the Chief Minister, he could provide security anyone who came to the state. He couldn’t stop the MP from his own party. Home Minister Amit Shah also didn’t say a word that we will provide security and protection,” he said.

He also said that in Maharashtra, Fadnavis, Darekar and Chandrakant Patil did not even mediate. “When Raj Thackeray presented us as a neo-Hindutva leader, the BJP waged a guerrilla campaign to stop him,” Mahesh Tapase directly charged.

What MNS has said –

Speaking to ABP about the photo, MNS leader Gajanan Kale said: “Sujnas doesn’t need to say more. Whether it was the unfortunate incident in Delhi involving Sharad Pawar or the case of Ketki Chitale, Raj Thackeray had cast aside all differences and disagreements. Also in South India, all the leaders meet. But Raj Thackeray had said that the wrong steps were being taken in Maharashtra. This photo will tell us exactly where to point the finger and what to say.”

Leader Gajanan Kale challenged the NCP to hold a press conference and express his opposition to the visit of the MNS president, Raj Thackeray, to Ayodhya. We’ve been saying this since day one, which means you haven’t heard the press conference.

This is a photo from the 2018 event held at Maval and is on Supriya Sule’s Facebook page, Gajanan Kale said.

What exactly did Raj Thackeray say?

“Some people missed the Ayodhya tour. To do this, a protest trap was set up and logistics were provided from the state itself. That is why I decided not to go to Ayodhya,” Raj Thackeray had said on Sunday.

He was going to Ayodhya to visit Ram Janmabhoomi and the place where Karsevak was killed. But in politics, many do not understand emotion. If I had decided to go there, activists, officials and many Hindu brothers would have come with me. If something had happened there, the activists would have gathered. The activists would have been charged. They would have been tortured in prison. Sasemira would have been pushed back. I canceled the tour because I realized all these possible guys, Raj explained.

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