After Corona Amoeba raised fear around the world, one died in South Korea, the…

Amoeba killed one in South Korea: All variants of the Corona virus have once again concerned the whole world, including China and Japan. There is news of the death of thousands of people again due to Corona in China. The whole world is in a panic. Now, meanwhile, another deadly disease has struck fear across the world. The name of this disease is Amoeba.

In South Korea, a brain-eating amoeba entered the body of a healthy 50-year-old man and then, within 10 days, killed a healthy man. In such a situation, now other countries of the world have been alerted about Amoeba. Following this incident, the US Health Agency CDC also issued an advisory.

Let us tell you about the danger this creature causes…

According to the Korea Times report, a brain-eating amoeba reached the body of a 50-year-old man from South Korea. This person had returned from a trip to Thailand on December 10. When the symptoms of the infection began to appear inside of him. According to the report, after entering the amoeba, symptoms such as headache, vomiting, body stiffness and difficulty speaking became visible in the patient, after which he was admitted to the emergency room. Now it is being investigated what the bacteria did in the body, which is why the patient died.

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Naegleria fowleri is a single-celled microorganism, also known as the brain-eating amoeba. This microorganism is found in clean water from rivers, lakes or ponds. The case of this amoeba was found for the first time in 1965. It reaches the human body through the nose and goes to the brain and begins to infect it. Swimming or taking a dip in polluted water attacks the brain through the nose. Due to the infection, parts of the brain stop working and the matter comes to the death of the patient.


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