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Action / Preparation of security confiscation on stop of health insurance payment of six lakhs, notice to the company



 600 crore bills stopped from 600 hospitals in 21 days, crisis on new patients

Jaipur (Dungarsingh Rajpurohit). New India Assurance (NIA), an authorized company for insurance claims under the state’s Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance Scheme, has withheld bills from private and government hospitals for the last 21 days. Not fat, did not pay more than 60 crores. Due to the stoppage of bill of 600 hospitals for 21 days, the government was stirred up.

With the stop of health insurance bills of over 6 lakh people and stop payment to hospitals, the crisis of free treatment under the health insurance of about 80 thousand people who were newly admitted daily. The government gave notice to the company on Monday night on the complaint of the company from hundreds of hospitals. It prohibited him that if he did not pay the dues soon, he would have to pay huge interest on the outstanding amount of the stopped millions of bills. The company is also preparing to confiscate its security amount of crores of rupees at the arbitration of the time.
5th time excuse of software malfunction, bills not passed
Private and government hospitals from across the state told the government that their bills were withheld by the NIA. No bill passed for 21 days. The officers associated with Ayushman Bharat and health insurance did not answer even if they called. The matter reached to MD State Health Assurance Naresh Kumar Thakral. Meanwhile, the company was summoned at night. It was revealed that the company has so far stopped the bill by saying that the software has gone bad five times. Thakral received complaints that when the private hospital asks for this reason, he gets a reply that he will not pay the bills. There is a fight going on with the government to pay the company’s bills.  
You have to pay 8 crores daily
NIA may have to pay huge interest of the outstanding amount of over 600 hospitals to stop all bills from 21 days. All the company up to the ministerial level is angry with the bill of Rs 60 crore continuously being stopped and health insurance claims of all newly admitted patients stopped. Now the company has said at midnight on the notice of the government that the arrears of Rs 8 crore will be paid daily. But it is being told that in the last one year, the government also stopped the payment of the company’s 68 crore rupees bill, due to which the dispute between the company and the government could become fourth in the year. Significantly, due to the company not presenting the correct bill, the government has stopped about 68 crore bills in a year. Controversy continues.
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