Abundant purple white income!; The first experiment was successful in Indapur

Abundant purple white income!; The first experiment was successful in Indapur

The purple white crop was grown by Bharat Vaman Lalge, a farmer from Indapur taluka and has been successful this year.

Ejaz Husain Mujawar

Solapur: Farmer Bharat Vaman Lalge from Indapur taluka has taken the purple white crop and successfully displayed it this year. This unique violet has just had its first bloom and is priced at Rs 300-400 per kg in the market. For the Lalge family, purple white farming is expected to be economically sustainable for the next 15 years. The Lalge family farms in Sardewadi and Sarafwadi in Indapur taluka. As he searched for a new crop, he was surprised to find a purple white. After realizing that purple-white seedlings are available in Odisha, he studied them and ordered 302 seedlings of this species in 2019. He planted these purple-white seedlings in an area of ​​one acre as intercropping in the field. .

These seedlings were grown with drip irrigation and at regular intervals between two seedlings and with proper care. Last April, the trees bloomed for the first time in three years. The finished purple was recently shipped to Pune’s Gultekdi market. The price of purple has risen from Rs 300 to Rs 400 per kg. Importance of White Purple – Sour, astringent, sweet, juicy and nutritious, this fruit has medicinal properties. This purple is considered especially beneficial for diabetics.

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