7000 Maharashtran resident doctors warn of strike MARD doctors said that the governor…

Maharashtra resident doctors on strike: The Maharashtra Resident Doctors Association (MARD) has warned of a strike amid apprehensions of a spike in Corona cases. Across Maharashtra, 7,000 doctors will go on strike from Monday (Jan 2). Because of this, services may be disrupted at government hospitals across the state in the new year.

MARD has already sent a letter in this regard to the Minister of Medical Education, Girish Mahajan. According to the letter, MARD members will go on strike from January 2, 2023, if their demands are not discussed and met during the ongoing winter session in Nagpur. He said that complaints have been filed with the government many times in the past year, but there has been no positive response.

What is said in the MARD notice
According to a statement sent this Monday by MARD Central, there is an urgent need to create 1,432 senior medical resident positions for the system to function smoothly. Other demands include repairing dilapidated and inadequate housing at public universities, filling vacancies for associate and assistant professors, immediate disbursement of dearth allowance, implementing equal pay for all resident physicians, and eliminating the disparity in I pay. At the same time, MARD resident doctors from all over Maharashtra, including four BMC (Sion, Nair, Cooper, Chem) hospitals in Mumbai, may also go on strike. We report that there are 750 doctors in Sion, 800 in Chem, 69 in Cooper and 550 in Nair who are on strike.

These services will be interrupted in hospitals due to the strike
Only non-emergency/OPD (optional) services will be withdrawn from BMC Central MARD. Resident doctors will continue to provide their services in all emergency services. Only elective jobs (wards and OPD) will remain closed after 8 am. The doctors will continue their services in the emergency areas.

These services will continue

1. Accident, EMR, EPR
3. UCI Neuro SX (NSRR), CVTS RR,
5. Electronic laboratory
6. CT scan
8. EMS OT (Trauma/Septic OT)
9. TO work
10. Delivery room
11. Covid Pavilion
12. ICU Covid
13. Blood Bank
14. Vaccination area

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