4.34 crore fraudulently cheating Ambala / Doctor Singla family for a double return insurance policy

  • Had promised to get 50 crore rupees on policy maturity
  • Police considers online fraud as a case of data theft

 A case of cheating of Rs 4.34 crore has been reported in the name of an insurance policy giving double returns from the family of Dr. Om Prakash Singla, General Physician, Director of Nami Singla Hospital in Ambala Cantt. He was accused of getting 50 crore rupees on policy maturity.

For 5 years the Singla family continued to collect premiums in the name of different policies. After that, he also gave lakhs of rupees in the name of refund of the maturity policy. Now a case has been registered against 9 accused – Kapil Narang, Praveen Jain, Ravindra Tripathi, Saroja Kulkarni, Arpit Dhingra, Yadagiri, Jai Dutt Sharma, Ravi Saxena and Karunish Gandhi in the Cantt police station.

Police believe that this is also a way to cheat online through data theft, because in the year 2014, Dr. Singla had given some policy. Then he got a call. The caller had the details of these policies. The person offered a policy with better returns.

In this belief, the whole game took place. Dr. Singla’s son Varun Singla Gayani is a plastic surgeon. They watch OPD at Rotary and Cancer Hospital along with Panchkula. Putravadhu Priyanka is a radiologist in Delhi. Dr. Singla has not mentioned the policy or any company in the complaint given to the police. Apart from this, only the mobile numbers of 9 people whose names have been given.

Fought to get 50 crores on maturity, also took millions in the name of permission

“I got a call from someone in April 2014. Who gave me information about the policy I had made a few days ago and said that investing in the new policy will give more than double the returns. I got caught and many policies in the name of myself and family Paid the premium for 4 years. Tried to redeem the policy on maturity, it was said that the payment is high, so the case head office has been sent. To clear the file during one year. Saying this, he took lakhs of rupees in the name of fee. When he refused to give money, the investment would show fear of drowning.

From August 2019 to December 2019, a person named Saroja, Arpit and Jai Dutt talked about calling themselves Delhi office. It was said that 50 crores is to be received. Permission from RBI and Ministry of Finance is necessary. Therefore more money has to be paid. A person named Kapil Narang came home and took lakhs of rupees in the name of clearing the file. Refused to It was then said that the entire fund has become zero. The demand draft and letter given to us turned out to be fake. -As Dr. Om Prakash Singla told in the FIR

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