3.25 lakh CRPF personnel will be able to give complaints and suggestions to the headquarters


They have been advised not to come to the headquarters on their own, so that the security cycle of social distancing does not break and the force personnel remain away from infection. They can give their complaints or suggestions by video conferencing on Friday…


Three and a half lakh officers and jawans of the country’s largest central paramilitary force ‘CRPF’ will continue to do ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the Director General, DG. Due to the social distancing and other obstacles introduced due to the Corona virus, now the mind may not speak at the headquarters of DG or IG at the headquarters, but they can speak on the digital platform.

Whatever complaint is made by an officer or jawan, any suggestion, he can tell every Friday during video conferencing. As soon as the risk of corona virus infection ends, again the jawans and officers can come to the force headquarters in Delhi and place their complaint before the DG or IG.

However, in the meantime, many jawans and officers also directly send their comments on DG Dr. AP Maheshwari’s WhatsApp. In such cases, the DG immediately tries to address their complaint.

This tradition was broken in 2012

Former DG of CRPF and current Senior Security Advisor in Home Ministry K.K. This tradition was started by Vijay Kumar during his tenure. They used to meet all officers, jawans and former personnel in the force headquarters campus on Thursday, one day a week. All these people used to come to the park of the force premises and the DG used to come there and redress their grievances. This tradition broke after his retirement in 2012.

Dr. AP Maheshwari opens the doors of the headquarters for everyone

  • Dr. AP Maheshwari, who took command of CRPF this year, has resumed this tradition. Dr. Maheshwari says that everyone should be heard at every level in the force.
  • There is such a huge force, in such a situation anyone can complain.
  • Since February, we had implemented the system that any person and officer can meet DG or IG from Monday to Friday in the week. ME
  • to her commandant or authorized officer must apply.
  • After getting approval from there, that force can come to headquarters. Here, he will have to submit an application to the purse department. This work should be done before one o’clock in the afternoon.
  • If a worker reaches there after one o’clock, it will not be possible to meet him on that day.
  • For this, he will have to wait for the next day. Daily meeting time has been kept from 12:30 pm to 1.30pm.
  • Dr. Maheshwari says that CRPF is a large family. It is very important to have synergy between everyone here.
  • The soldiers have full right to speak before the senior officers. The soldiers and officers have no problem, so a plan was made to talk to them five days a week.
  • When they have no complaints, they will do their duties better.

Due to Corona, now a slight change in the system

  • Director General, Dr. AP Maheshwari said that due to Corona infection, little change has been made in the system.
  • Previously, any employee could come directly to the headquarters and present himself before the officer.
  • Now, the security cycle of social distancing should not be broken and the personnel should avoid infection, for this they have been advised not to come to the headquarters themselves.
  • They can give their complaints or suggestions through video conferencing on Friday.
  • As soon as the threat of infection ends, they will be able to present themselves in front of the officer at the force headquarters and make their point.

These changes were done in CRPF

  • A few days after Dr. AP Maheshwari took command of the force, orders were made that wives of officers and soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country would not be called widows.
  • In all types of correspondence from the force headquarters, now the word ‘widow’ will be written instead of the word widow.
  • Earlier, he also changed the force of the CRPF to ‘Moto’, ‘CRPF Sada Ajay, Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.
  • DG Dr AP Maheshwari had said that ‘Ajay’ should be written in place of ‘Ajay’ in ‘Moto’. Unstoppable means that which cannot be won. No one can conquer it.
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