22-Year-Old Indian Medical Student Dies In China Family Seeks Government Help…

Death of Indian student in China: Abdul Sheikh, an Indian student who had been studying medicine in China for the past five years, died in China. His poor parents who live in India are asking for help from the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the NDTV news agency report, after completing his medical studies, an Indian student named Abdul Sheikh traveled to China on December 11 last month for an internship in China. After eight days of mandatory isolation upon arrival in China, he was doing an internship at Kikihar Medical University in China’s Heilongjiang province.

Suddenly one day he fell ill and had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where he died. After the death of the student, his family has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help in recovering the body. Apart from this, his family has also asked the Tamil Nadu government for help.

covid outbreak in china
Abdul Sheikh traveled to China on December 11 last month. During this, Kovid is at its peak in China. According to the report by UK research firm Airfinity, the number of people who lost their lives due to Covid in China rose to 9,000 in a single day. About 9 thousand people are losing their lives every day.

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Covid cases will peak in China in mid-January
Airfinity has stated in its report that in January 2023 China will be in bad condition due to Kovid and there is a possibility of increasing Kovid cases to 100,000 in one day. At the same time, the WHO has asked China to at least share with them the number of clear Kovid cases.

The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called on the Chinese government to work together and share with them the real data on the number of patients in his country.

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