22 days after the rupture of the aqueduct, there are still no repairs; Thousands in Yavatmal…

22 days after the rupture of the aqueduct, there are still no repairs; Thousands of liters of water leak into Yavatmal

The 40-year-old aqueduct that supplied water to the town of Yavatmal was removed and a new one was put in place.

This is how the aqueduct breaks.

Yavatmal: During the last five years, under Amrut Yojana, water supply works have been started on the battlefield. Amrut Yojana, due for completion in 2018, is incomplete even as the year 2022 draws to a close. However, due to the rupture of the water pipes laid for this project, the gutters began to flow throughout the city. In the Tilakwadi area, the lake that overflowed for the past 22 days has yet to be repaired, creating a lake-like image in this area. Jeevan Pradhikaran’s office is only 500 feet away from this place.

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The department has yet to show the courtesy of repairing the aqueduct that broke 22 days ago in Tilwadi, 500 feet from the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MAJPRA) head office in the city. It is the main and largest aqueduct supplying water to the entire city from the Majipra main reservoir at Vidarbha Housing. There is a ditch near the aqueduct that is wasting water for 24 hours and its dirty water is mixing with drinking water. The health of citizens is in danger as dirty water mixes into this water supply. The department did not heed the request of many to Jeevan Pradhikaran to repair the waterway. In many places in the city, watercourses have burst in this way. If they are not repaired before the monsoons, the city fears an outbreak of waterborne diseases in the near future.

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The central government’s nectar water scheme has become a headache for the people of Yavatmal. The project, which was completed in two years, is still incomplete even after five years, as the contractor selected through political interference has done faulty work in many places. This has affected the distribution of water as well as the transportation of citizens. The citizens had to suffer for many days due to the excavation of roads for the plan. Accidents continue to happen on many major highways due to potholes. Six months ago, a driver fell into a ditch dug by the Majipra department and drowned. However, this section did not wake Kumbhakarni sleeping.

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The 40-year-old aqueduct that supplied water to the city was removed and a new aqueduct was laid. However, the equipment used in this work is constantly accused of being very inferior. Along with the main aqueduct, the intercity aqueducts have burst in some places. This leak is wasting millions of liters of water every day. In many parts of the city there is no water supply for eight days. There does not appear to be a water release schedule at this time. In some areas, the taps are constantly open, while in others, people wander for water.

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