16-month-old girl sexually assaulted and murdered…

Parents sentenced to death for sexually assaulting 16-month-old girl

The two were on their way to Rajasthan by train to kill the girl and dispose of her body.

A Rajasthani couple have been sentenced to death by a special court in Solapur for brutally sexually assaulting a 16-month-old girl and then inhumanely killing her and trying to destroy evidence of the crime.
Dholaram Arjunram Bishnoi (26 years old) and his wife Punikumari Bishnoi (20 years old) are the names of the guilty couple.

Defendant Dholarama Bishnoi and his wife Punikumari are originally from Rajasthan and settled in Secunderabad in Telangana for trafficking. On the morning of January 3, 2022, defendant Dhuliram woke up a 16-month-old girl with a perverted attitude, got her drunk and sexually assaulted her. Then the injured girl began to cry. Then Dholaram strangled her and killed her in an inhuman way to silence her voice. Soon after, both Dholiram and Punikumari wrapped the dead girl in cloth and left for Rajasthan by train. On the way, some train passengers became suspicious and filed a complaint with the station master at Solapur railway station. Consequently, the Railway Police confiscated the body of the girl victim along with Dholiram and Punikumari.

A medical examination revealed that the victim had been sexually assaulted and murdered. Punikumari was found to have aided her husband Dholiram in this crime. Consequently, the Solapur Railway Police filed a case against Dholiram and Punikumari. Police Inspector Santosh Gaikwad investigated the case.

The lawsuit was based on circumstantial evidence. The medical examination, the DNA test report and the chemical analysis report became important. 31 witnesses were questioned. Some of these witnesses were from Rajasthan, Secunderabad and Wadi (Karnataka) so their testimony was recorded virtually.

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