World Bicycle Day 2022: Thinking of buying a bicycle? When choosing a bike, which one.

World Bicycle Day 2022: No Gear of Gear?; New or old? Here are 12 things to consider when selecting a bike.

This is an attempt to find the answer to the question of which company to hire, how much money to spend on it, exactly what things to check, on the occasion of World Bicycle Day.

Tips for buying bicycles
What to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

World Cycling Day 2022: To get a new bike, you have to know which company to buy it from, how much money to spend on it, what exactly to check. But, before asking these questions, one has to ask one simple question. I mean, what exactly are you going to use a bike for? Once you get the answer, it will be easier to find the answer to what you need to check while cycling.

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In the past, bicycles were divided into four groups. Men, women, children and expensive bikes. But the last five or six years have seen a general divide from road, hybrid, mountain, touring bikes. Each type of bicycle has different uses, characteristics, strengths depending on the brand. Not all of these things can be explained in an article. But there are some basic things to keep in mind.

> Buy a bike based on use, desire and budget.

> If you want to start cycling again, first get yourself a simple, inexpensive single speed bike.

> If you’re going to start over, it’s okay to take a second hand first.

There is a lot of information available on the Internet about bicycles.

> Before buying, discuss with the dealer the need for your bike, its different brands and prices.

> Choose a bike based on your height and weight.

> Try riding your favorite bike.

> If you are going to buy a bike with gears, first decide what kind of bike you want based on your usage.

> Know the details of each part of the cycle you have chosen and gradually learn the repair work.

> Make sure you buy a helmet with a bike. A good helmet is a bit expensive, but regular use is important for safety.

> If you’re going to ride your bike at night, definitely wear reflectors. They are cheaper than headlights and taillights. Be sure to purchase one of these items on a budget.

> When buying a foreign brand bicycle, one is tempted to buy many accessories. This is because most foreign-made bikes do not have side knobs, bells, kickstands, or fenders. Also, the list of hand gloves, padded shorts, sunglasses, pumps, locks is growing. But, buy them according to your needs.

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