World Bicycle Day 2022: Spoke Sheet Puncture Kit या Enter the bicycle tool kit…

World Bicycle Day 2022: From the puncture kit to the spoke plate १५ A bicycle tool kit must have these 15 things

There is a lot of information available online in the form of writings and videos on bicycle repair. So whatever your motorcycle, its brand or if you search for that problem online you will find thousands of answers.

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It is always better to learn how to repair your own bike.

When buying a new vehicle, consider whether it will be repaired or whether replacement parts will be readily available. In the past, diagnostic cycles could relax. Because bike repair shops were everywhere; But the use of bicycles decreased and even the small shops rolled up their sleeves. However, given the growing importance of the bicycle and its increasing use, many businesses have turned a blind eye, which is equally true.

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Numerous brands of Indian and foreign-made bicycles are currently on the market; But there is a resemblance between today’s modern bikes and the simpler bikes of old. they are spare parts. It is a great pleasure that the use of modern bicycles has grown at the same rate as in the last four or five years. Even so, owning one is still out of reach for the average person. The two main reasons for this are that repairing new bikes is easy and if you repair the bike yourself after going sideways, your wanderings can be smooth.

There is a lot of information available online in the form of writings and videos on bicycle repair. So whatever your motorcycle, its brand or if you search for that problem online you will find thousands of answers. You’ll have all the information on how to clean grease off your hands, how to put new gear on your old bike, so far. When it comes to bike repairs, many problems like tire punctures, brake failure, gear changes are common. With a little basic training and experience, you can easily overcome these problems on your own; But there are things that you cannot fix, you need to get help from the relevant experts.

What should be in the toolkit?

Flat kit – glue, sandpaper, tire lever and air pump. It will work for you even if you don’t have the rest of the things mentioned below, but you must have a puncture kit.

Bike Pumps: The new bike pumps can be used for both Presta and Schrader tubes as well as single bikes by replacing the knob.

Alan Key – This tool used for modern derailleur bikes has different sized keys and can be used for all bike, brake and derailleur fixing tasks.

Wire cutter: Whether it is a brake cable or a gear, it will come in handy. Use only cutters to cut wires made of thin wire.

Electrical (duct) tape – A temporary but reliable bandage can be applied to a part of a bike that is torn or sticky.

Chain Tool – A very important tool if you want to repair something on the chain that the bike runs on.

Lubricant – used to bolt and attach chains to bicycles. A separate lubricant is now commercially available for bicycle chains only.

Screwdriver: It should be kept near the screwdriver for brake or gear screws.

Tire lever: This tool makes it easy for you to work as a link between the tire and the rim when removing the tube from the tire after a puncture.

Little Hammers – Everyone loves their bike, but sometimes little bumps come in handy. A hammer is needed for such repairs.

Scissors: Use scissors to cut cable ties or similar thick things.

Blade: A small to large sized blade can be used for very important parts like pedals.

Gear Brush: A bike without rust, dirt, or excessive grease and a shiny chain can go fast. It is necessary to clean. You can also use an old toothbrush.

Spoke blade: If the spoke is broken, it is necessary to use it when removing and replacing it.

Bicycle repair stands: These stands are already available in the market. It can be repaired by putting all the tools on the stand and hanging the bike up without help. If you can afford it, take this position.

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