Weight gain: Do you want to gain weight? These things are mixed into the milk.

Weight gain: Do you want to gain weight? These things are mixed into the milk.

Consume milk this way to gain weight.

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This is how to consume milk to gain weight (Photo: Unsplash)

Weight gain: There are many people in the world who want to lose weight. Many people try to lose weight in different ways. But there are also people who are trying to gain weight, but their weight does not increase. If one wants to gain weight, he must take care of his health and gain weight. If you are one of those people and you are trying to gain weight, you can drink these 4 things mixed with milk. Which will definitely increase your weight.

In addition to calcium, milk is rich in calories, protein, and other nutrients. For weight gain, people make milk part of their diet. Mix a few different things together to increase the calorie count, which helps with weight gain. Milk is a good and natural way to gain weight, so there is no need for any kind of chemical supplement.


A banana smoothie made by adding two bananas in milk is helpful in gaining body weight. Drinking cow’s milk in particular can be beneficial. You can also add almonds or any other dried fruit in the milk if you like.


Dates are a good source of nutrients such as fiber, calcium and vitamin C. Mixing dates with milk or eating plain dates with milk nourishes the body. So it definitely helps in weight gain. However, it is more beneficial to drink boiled dates mixed with milk.


Honey and milk are considered the best mixes. Drinking this will definitely start to put on weight. Along with milk, honey also contains a good amount of carbohydrates that are good for building muscle.


Not everyone agrees with eggs in milk. Many people begin to smell the odor of eggs. However, since eggs are rich in protein, if they are mixed with milk, the body weight increases rapidly.

(The information provided here is based on general information. Be sure to consult a doctor if necessary.)

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