Now don’t miss the station! The railways launched the special ‘Hee’ service for passengers

Now don’t miss the station! The railways launched the special ‘Hee’ service for passengers

Indian Railways is constantly providing various services to passengers and constantly updating them.

Railways launched this special service for travelers
Railways has started a great service for passengers. (Photo: Financial Express)

Train travel is considered easy and convenient. Also, Indian Railways is constantly providing various services to the passengers and constantly updating them. Meanwhile, the railways have launched an important service for passengers. This service allows you to sleep comfortably on the train without having to worry about missing the station. The train will pick you up 20 minutes before you arrive at the station. This will not lose your station and you will also be able to complete the dream. Let’s learn about this special feature of railways.

This special Railway service is called ‘Destination Alert Wake Up’. Many fall asleep while traveling by train and miss their station. This type usually occurs during overnight trips. Railways has introduced this facility to overcome this problem. Railways has launched this facility in query number 139. Passengers traveling on the train can request the alert function in the query number 139 system.

Don’t do ‘this’ work on the train after 10pm; Otherwise, action can be taken

All train passengers can take advantage of this special service. This facility will be available to passengers from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. The railways have set a fee of just 3 rupees for this service. If you use this service, an alert will be sent to your phone 20 minutes before your station. So you can get off the train when you arrive at the station with your luggage, etc. in order.

This is how you can start this service

  • Passengers will need to call the IRCTC helpline 139 to initiate the ‘Destination Alert Wake Up’ service.
  • You will need to select your language when the call is received. For destination alert, first press 7 and then 2.
  • Passengers will then be asked for a 10-digit PNR number.
  • After entering the PNR, you must dial 1 to confirm.
  • After this process, the system will verify the PNR number and send the activation alert.
  • A confirmation SMS will be received on the passenger’s mobile.

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