Health Tips: How to prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the rainy season…

Health Tips: Learn to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the rainy season

Learn to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the rain.

Learn how your breakfast, lunch and dinner should be in the rain
Learn to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the rain (Photo: pixeles)

It is important to be careful about what you eat and drink when it starts to rain. Most of the diseases and infections occur in the rainy season. In such cases, a small carelessness in the diet can be detrimental to health. However, with a little care, you and your family can stay healthy. That’s why we tell you what to eat in the rainy season. It includes everything from a healthy breakfast to lunch and dinner.


In the rainy season you should start your day with a healthy breakfast. For this you can have Pohe, Upma, Idli, Dry Toast or Paratha for breakfast. You can also drink black tea or black coffee. In the rainy season, everyone likes fried and grilled food. So without eating such foods, you should include the above foods in your breakfast.


During the rainy season, their digestion is very weak, so it is advisable to eat simple and light foods. Lunch should include lentils, vegetables, bread, salad instead of fried food. It is also beneficial to have yogurt or buttermilk with meals. Try eating green lentils, lentils, or just mixed lentils.


It is said that dinner should be light. Avoid heavy meals at dinner in the rain, have soup if you like, and eat porridge or salt porridge with it. You can also eat legumes and bread. Khichdi is also a good option in the rainy season. Also, drink a glass of turmeric milk at hourly intervals. This will save you from many types of infections.

monsoon tips

1. Eat vegetables in the rainy season.
2. Eat seasonal fruits like watermelon, citrus, melon, lychee.
3. Debates are more frequent in the rainy season, so eat poorly digestible food.
4. In the rainy season, the infection spreads very fast, so eat only clean food prepared at home.
5. Humidity in the rainy season reduces thirst, but drink plenty of water.
6. Make sure to include lemon in your diet during the rainy season.
7. Always eat chopped vegetables and fruits.

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