Health News: Learn the correct method to breastfeed

Health News: Learn the correct method to breastfeed

When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, she has to face many health problems, challenges.

New Delhi: When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, she faces many health problems and challenges. Breastfeeding your baby is a woman’s right. Women also have the freedom to decide how and where to do it. According to medical experts, a woman should feel free to consult a lactation consultant for the first time after the start of motherhood or childbearing. These consultants are experts in scientific studies of breastfeeding problems. Experts offer scientific advice on how to get enough milk to breastfeed, how to take care of its quality, sore breasts, proper method of breastfeeding. This allows a woman to breastfeed her baby correctly.

While breastfeeding, the mother should hold her nose in such a way that it touches the nipples, not the baby’s mouth. Also, she grabs the baby’s stomach in such a way that she touches her stomach. So that the baby does not have to turn his head and drink. After touching the baby’s nose with the nipple, the baby begins to feed easily by lifting his head diagonally. The mother should reserve a special place to breastfeed at home before the baby arrives. There’s a comfortable chair, a special nursing pillow, a small table for snacks, water, a nursing pad, a good book to read as needed. So that there is no interruption during lactation.

Breastfeeding time should not be limited. When the baby stops nursing on his own, move him to the second breast. Some babies are exclusively breastfed for the first time. The second time both breast milk. Another important thing is that if the mother has to leave the house for some reason, if she wants to give her baby a bottle, she should do it in the first four to six weeks. If a baby is breastfed for eight weeks, she will get used to it and risk avoiding bottle feeding. Those mothers have to ask someone else to give this milk from the bottle to the baby and when that happens, the mother has to leave the house. Experts also advise that the mother not be tempted to breastfeed herself.

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