Break gray hair by hand? Know the side effects before you make this mistake

Break gray hair by hand? Know the side effects before you make this mistake

Understand the consequences of breaking gray hair

gray and white hair problem
Understand the consequences of breaking white hair… (Photo Credit: File Photo)

The problem of gray hair has become common nowadays. Most people follow all sorts of tips to deal with this. Some people use expensive products and others dye their hair. In such cases, some people start cutting their hair. In fact, some people’s hair begins to turn white when one or two of them turn white. If you are one of them, you are only aggravating the problem. Let’s try to understand the effect of breaking white hair.

Disadvantages of white hair breakage
If you have white hair, stop doing it, because doing so is inviting other problems. Removing white hair can have a detrimental effect on hair follicles and can stop new hair from growing in place of the white hair removed. In addition, the density of the hair decreases and the hair becomes finer. This means that hair removal is not the right solution, which can lead to problems such as baldness in the hair.

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These things can turn white hair black

  • Amla and fenugreek seeds
  • black tea
  • Almond oil and lemon juice
  • mehndi and coffee
  • curry leaves and oil
  • Linseed oil

These cause the hair to turn white.

  • bad lifestyle
  • changing the water
  • Stress
  • experimenting with hair

(Information provided here is based on general assumptions and information.)

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