Another person can travel with your train ticket! Learn about railways…

Another person can travel with your train ticket! Learn the important rules and procedures of the railroads.

You can travel home with a confirmed ticket, know the procedure

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You can travel home with your confirmed ticket, learn the procedure (Photo credit: Indian Express)

This is important news for train passengers. This news is definitely useful for you. If you have a confirmed train reservation ticket, but you cannot travel due to some other important work, you can transfer this ticket to any member of your family or any other person. Plus, you can give these tickets away to anyone in need. Let’s learn about this special feature.

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Special facilities for railway passengers

Train passengers often face the problem that they cannot travel after booking a ticket, in which case they have to cancel the ticket and get a new one from the dispatched person instead. But after that it is very difficult to get a confirmed ticket. Therefore, the railways have provided this facility to the passengers. Although this feature has been around for a long time, people know very little about it. We tell you how you can take advantage of this railway facility.

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Transfer your tickets to relatives

A traveler can transfer his confirmed ticket to other members of his family, such as father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband and wife. To do this, the passenger has to send the request 24 hours before the departure of the train. After this, the name of the passenger is drawn on the ticket and the name of the member to whom the ticket is transferred.

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Requests must be submitted 24 hours in advance.

If the passenger is a government employee and is going to fulfill his duty, he can send the request 24 hours before the departure of the train, the ticket will be transferred to the name of the person for whom the request has been made. If such a situation arises in front of the people going to the wedding, the wedding planners and the party must submit an application 48 hours in advance along with the required documents. You can also get this service online. This facility is also available to NCC cadets.

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Just get a chance one time

Indian Railways says that tickets can only be transferred once, meaning that once a passenger has transferred their ticket to someone else, they cannot change it, meaning the ticket can no longer be transferred to anyone else.

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How to transfer a train ticket?

1. Print the ticket.
2. Visit the reservation desk at the nearest train station.
3. The identity card of the person whose name the ticket will be transferred to, such as Aadhaar or Voting Identity Card, must be carried with you.
4. Request a ticket transfer at the counter.

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