Women Underestimate Heart, Overestimate Breast Risk

 Women vastly underestimate their risk of dying of a heart attack, and overestimate their chances of dying of breast cancer, according to a study released Monday.
Most women responding to the survey sponsored by Prevention magazine also said their doctors do not talk to them about heart attacks, or check their cholesterol.

According to U.S. health statistics, about 233,000 U.S. women died of heart attacks in 1992, about six times as many as the 43,000 who died of breast cancer that year.

But only one-third of those surveyed knew they are at a higher risk of dying from a heart attack than of breast cancer.

A separate mail-in questionnaire from the magazine suggested that many women do not recognize such symptoms as “discomfort” in the chest as possible warnings of a heart attack.

“The nation’s women are more interested in improving their health than they are in making more money or advancing their careers, but both they and their doctors are not doing enough to help women reach that goal,” the survey found.

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