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What is the Importance of Hall Ticket?



In India, the educational qualification required for a basic job is a class 12 certification. There are many different names given to this certification such as Intermediate or higher secondary certification. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the intermediate certification carries importance and the state announced just recently the release of the AP Intermediate hall ticket for the final examinations being conducted in the month of March 2020. The state of Maharashtra provides its students with the Higher Secondary Certification, the exams for which are being conducted in the months of February and March 2020. The State Education Board of Maharashtra, being clear-sighted of the exam dates in the near future, has released the Maharashtra HSC hall ticket.
The students of these states are advised to collect the hall tickets before the commencement of the examinations. It is to be noted that the students will not be allowed into the examination hall without this document.

The various state boards will have appointed an invigilator for each exam hall and the main job of the invigilator is to make sure the students in the hall are carrying the hall ticket and the required paraphernalia.
The hall ticket will also contain information about the examination center and the timings of the exam along with the name of the candidate and the name of the examination. In some institutions, the management will download and distribute the hall tickets for each student whereas, in other institutions, the students will need to login to the official portal and download the hall ticket themselves.
The Maharashtra state board provides a small duration of time wherein the students can report any mistakes in the Maharashtra HSC hall ticket through the school management to the state board. It is necessary that this is done as soon as possible as there will not be any allowance to rectify the same once the examination commences.
The Andhra Pradesh State Board also provides the students with a small time-frame during which their school management will make sure that they take a print out and distribute the AP Intermediate hall ticket to each student. In case the school management is not doing so, the student can easily visit the official website for the Andhra Pradesh State Board and download the document personally.

The purpose of the hall ticket does not end just at the entrance into the exam center but also during the time of the result announcement, in case the student forgets his/her roll number. The roll number is a unique identification number that has been appointed by the state board to each student based on the institution code and the alphabetical order of the names of the students in the institution. In case the student does not have an idea about his/her roll number, then it can be clarified with the principal of the respective institution.

In the present condition of job searching scenarios, it is necessary for an individual to have a good educational background. Without one, there simply isn’t a means for existence. Nature’s one rule has always been “Survival of the fittest”, now the fittest are the ones who have a formal degree in a particular field of education. And the ones who don’t, simply cannot survive or will have to make do with odd jobs that do not pay much.
Education is the only way to inculcate the habit of learning and striving to gain more knowledge. It is the decision of the person to continue to learn or to stop where they left. There are various institutions/organizations that help people to learn and get educated. It is never too late to start learning as that is the one thing that comes naturally to a person, but it is the interest to learn that matters. If one is interested in learning, then anything can be learned.
Over the years, there have been many ways to test an individual’s knowledge in a particular subject. The method that is currently being used is by conducting examinations or tests where a person is given a set of questions to which they need to write elaborate answers in a given duration of time. There are many types of examinations conducted, like memory-based or open book or objective, etc.

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