“Your Best Reel…”, Genelia with Shakti Kapoor in Dhamal Dance Video…

“Your Best Reel…”, Genelia discusses Riteish’s comment on Dhamal’s dance video with Shakti Kapoor

This video of Genelia has gone viral on social networks.

This video of Genelia has gone viral on social networks.

Bollywood actress Genelia Deshmukh is one of the popular actresses. Genelia appears to be active on social media. She keeps in touch with fans by sharing photos and videos on social media. Genelia is always seen sharing funny videos with her husband Riteish Deshmukh. But this time, she Genelia shared a video with actor Shakti Kapoor.

Genelia shared the video from her Instagram account. In this video, Genelia and Shakti Kapoor are seen dancing to Kareena Kapoor’s Favicol song. Sharing this video, Capel Genelia captioned it “Had fun with Crime Master Goga.” The hilarious video of her has gone viral on social media. Ritesh has commented on this Genelia video, “Your best reel, Shakti Sir, much love.”

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Riteish and Genelia made their Bollywood debut in the 2003 film Tujhe Meri Kasam. They married in 2012 after 9 years of relationship. This year marks 9 years since their marriage. Genelia gained royal popularity in the 2008 movie Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Genelia has also worked in southern cinema. However, Genelia did not act in the film after the marriage. They have two sons, the older Ryan and the younger.

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