“You just met, don’t talk about losing yourself now”; The last performance of ‘KK’…

“You just met, don’t talk about losing yourself now”; Video of KK’s latest performance goes viral

Many videos of this live concert in Kolkata are coming out after his death.

Famed playback singer Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK) passed away in Kolkata on Tuesday night (May 30). After suffering a concussion at a live concert in Calcutta, he suffered a massive heart attack and lost his life. Abhi abhi .. to mile ho, abhi na karo chutne ki baat…, hum rahe ya na rahe kal…, the voice that charms the public with songs like this has gone behind the curtain of time. He passed away at 10:45 last night. He breathed his last at the age of 53. Many videos of this live concert in Kolkata are coming out after his death.

KK reportedly collapsed at the Grand Hotel on May 31 after returning from a concert. This hotel is located within the limits of the market police station. KK was rushed to the hospital. There he was pronounced dead. A video of his latest live performance of him at this concert is going viral on social media.

What exactly did singer KK say at the last minute?

A netizen shared this video. In it, he’s right now… he’s in, don’t do it now, it looks like he’s singing this song. This video has a duration of 1.13 minutes. KK’s latest performance is subtitled. Many people have commented on this video and paid tribute to it.

How did the singer ‘KK’ die? Read exactly what happened at the Kolkata concert

While KK was singing in the Nazrul Manch program at Gurudas College in Kolkata, he began to feel unwell. So she was back in her hotel room. He collapsed and was rushed to a hospital. He was admitted to the CMRI Hospital in Kolkata. He died in the hospital. Doctors pronounced him dead before he could be admitted to hospital. KK’s body is currently undergoing an autopsy.

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