“Yama, we will never forgive you!”; Hemangi poet shared special for ‘KK’…

“Yama, we will never forgive you!”; Hemangi’s poet shared a special post for ‘KK’

Hemangi’s post for ‘KK’ has gone viral on social media.

Hemangi’s post for ‘KK’ has gone viral on social media.

Famed playback singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, also known as ‘KK’, passed away suddenly in Kolkata on Tuesday night. After suffering a concussion at a live concert in Calcutta, he suffered a massive heart attack and lost his life. At the age of 53, he breathed his last. But now it’s been a big shock for his fans. Fans say that they are not just ordinary people, but also celebrities. Actress Hemangi Kavi has also shared the post on social media.

Hemangi shared a photo of KK from her Instagram account. Sharing this photo, she left the beautiful voice of friendship and love! After school, I started floating in the fresh air of the university with the songs ‘Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai Aani Pal’, but yesterday’s news made me feel like I was falling to the ground. The people of the 90’s will know what I mean, some songs, some voices have occupied some moments of our lives. That song, that voice that takes us back to that time, like a trip back in time. Everything froze last night. Numb The selfless prince of our friendship and love has suddenly taken away like this, Yama, we will never forgive you! Such a legend is given by Hemangi.

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Shortly after feeling bad at the live concert, KK went to the hotel with his team. Shortly after arriving at the hotel, KK reported chest pains, according to Itimes. He was then rushed to CMRI Hospital. That he was a few kilometers from the hotel. There, doctors pronounced Keke dead. A video of his concert is currently being published, in which the discomfort on his face is seen.

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