“When I took my daughter in my arms for the first time…” Swapnil Joshi said…

Actor Swapnil Joshi is always in the news for one reason or another. At this time Swapnil is seen working on this Marathi series as you did then. Swapnil Joshi is also known as Family Man along with acting him. He tries to spend as much time with his family as he does with his work. Today is the birthday of the beloved Lake Myra of Swapnil. He has shared a sweet video this time.

Swapnil Joshi is always active on Twitter. He recently posted a cute video for Myra’s birthday. At the beginning of this video, Swapnil is seen telling some stories about the birth of his daughter. He this time he is getting excited.

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“I remember my daughter Myra when I first took her in my arms. When the doctor gave her to me for the first time and I looked into her eyes, I thought it was the beginning of my happiness,” she said in the video. In addition, has collected some old and new videos of Myra.

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Swapnil Joshi currently reaches the audience through the series ‘Tu Teva Tashi’. Along with Swapnil Joshi, Shilpa Tulaskar has the lead role in this series. Currently, Swapnil Zee is also an integral part of the Marathi program ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’. Swapnil Joshi will play the role of Saurabh Patwardhan and Shilpa Tulaskar will play the role of Anamika Dixit.

2022-05-23 12:28:08

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