What was the reaction of the father on the intimate scene, the revelation of the actress of ‘Ashram 3’

What was the reaction of the father on the intimate scene, the revelation of the actress of ‘Ashram 3’

Anurita, who provided an intimate scene in ‘Ashram 3’, has revealed her father’s reaction to this.

He had given the idea to his father before giving a daring and intimate scene.

The first two seasons of director Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Ashram’ received an overwhelming response from the audience. Recently, the third season of this web series has reached the audience. Actor Anurita Jha has given many bold scenes this season. Anurita commented on this in a recent interview. Before giving a daring and intimate scene, he revealed to his father what his reaction was to the idea.

Speaking to Hindustan Times about giving intimate scenes in ‘Ashram 3’, Anurita Jha said, “I had told my family at the beginning. So I am looking forward to it. This was the first time I did all this. This is the first time in my career doing such an intimate scene. But before I did that, I called my dad. I said, “Dad, this is going to happen, do you think I should do it?” He said, “Yes, you can.” Furthermore, director Prakash Jha also made it easy to film those scenes because he explained everything to me properly.”

Explaining how the intimate scene was filmed, Anurita said, “When we were filming. So there were 4-5 people on the set. There weren’t many people on the set. Before filming the scene, I had a detailed discussion with Prakash Jha. So that there was no fear in mind. But I didn’t know how to shoot it. How to act it. I just thought that this kind of scene shouldn’t be considered obscene. As I am originally from Bihar, my family has lived a very simple life. We have no connection with this industry But I still had their full support. This made it easier for me to do these things.”

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