“We continue to work despite the pain because…” Ashok Saraf’s case will be read in the eye…

“We continue to work despite the pain because…” Ashok Saraf’s case will be read with tears in the eyes

Ashok Saraf shared this story in an interview.

Ashok Saraf celebrates his 75th birthday today.

Actor Ashok Saraf celebrates his 75th birthday today. Ashok Saraf has played great roles not only in movies but also in many stage plays. Ashok Saraf’s devotion to his work was evident during the rehearsal for the play ‘Vacuum Cleaner’. One case of this was shared by director Chinmay Mandlekar. Chinmay had said in an interview that he was rehearsing the play despite having back pain. But the reason why Ashok Saraf did that at that time, he himself said in an interview.

Ashok Saraf is a great actor but he is also a great person. Reading this case, it is clear that they always think that we should not cause trouble for others while working. Chinmay Mandlekar had narrated in an interview what happened during the rehearsal of his work ‘Vacuum cleaner’. He said, “At that time, theater training was in full swing and the uncles’ enthusiasm was remarkable. I was training with a passion that would put many a young artist to shame.”

Chinmay added: “We were training. But suddenly one day I started noticing a change in my uncle’s behavior. I asked them why but they dodged it. Without further ado, I asked his driver if he was experiencing severe back pain. This happens to them often and they use a special balm for that. But today they haven’t planted it. They are doing their job despite the pain.”

After this, in an interview, Ashok Saraf was asked the reason behind this. She then said, “I have a problem with back pain and the balm I use smells really bad. That would have caused others to have problems at work or made him suck without saying anything because of me. But I didn’t want to bother them so that I kept working despite the pain.” At that time, everyone was excited after listening to Ashok Saraf’s reply.It is clear from this why Ashok Saraf is such a great personality.

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