Vote for husband! Actor Suraj Thapar’s wife has shaved, it’s happening on social media…

Vote for husband! Wife of actor Suraj Thapar shaves her head, it rains admiration on social networks

The video shared by Suraj has gone viral on social networks.

The video shared by Suraj has gone viral on social networks.

Dipti Dhyani, wife of the famous television actor Suraj Thapar, has given a unique example of love. Deepti Dhyani has donated her hair to Tirupati Balaji for the benefit of her husband. Following this, Suraj shared a video of Deepti on social media. Everyone from celebrities to netizens commented on this and praised Deepti.

Suraj shared this video from his Instagram account. At the beginning of this video, Dipti is seen wearing a juda, then she is seen shaving. Sharing this video, Suraj captioned ‘Transformation कोण who doesn’t do this for you in this world… is true love’. The video shared by Suraj has gone viral on social media right now.

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In May of last year, Suraj had a crown. Suraj’s condition had deteriorated to the point where he had sustained up to 70% damage to his lungs and he had to be admitted to the ICU. While praying for Suraj’s health, Deepti had promised to donate her hair to Tirupati Balaji if her husband fully recovered. Now that the sun has completely healed, Dipti has shaved.

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Meanwhile, about Suraj’s work, he has appeared in many popular series such as Chandragupta Maurya, Razia Sultan, Ek Nai Pehchan, Sasural Genda Phool, Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother, Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, Tenali Ram.

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