VIDEO: “Stop Rape On Us”, naked woman walks on the red carpet

The internationally acclaimed Cannes Film Festival is currently the talk of the town. May 28 will be the last day of this festival that started on May 17. We see a variety of nuts on the Cannes red carpet. Meanwhile, many photos and videos are also going viral on social media. But something strange has happened at this festival. The video of the incident is becoming very viral on social networks.

What exactly is the case?
While the film was screening at the Cannes Film Festival, a woman suddenly stepped onto the Cannes red carpet. Not only that, but this time she started screaming. The limit was that this woman was undressing and she started shouting slogans on the red carpet. She was sitting on her knees and screaming. The woman had painted her body the color of the Ukrainian flag. In the center of her body was written “Stop Rapping Us”. Also the word SCAM was written on the back. She also had red handprints on her body.

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According to the Hollywood Report, the nude woman was sitting on her knees in front of the photographers, screaming. The security guards who were present at her place put a black coat on her body and took her out of it. The video of this shocking incident was shared by kyle buchanan from his tweet account.

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Seeing this kind of unknown woman, even the audience was stunned for a while. The woman was trying to denounce the sexual harassment of women in Ukraine. The war between Russia and Ukraine continues today. Russian soldiers are also alleged to abuse Ukrainian women.

2022-05-21 10:48:50

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