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Due to the Marathi series, actress Hruta Durgule came into every home. Her performance drove the Rasik Marathi audience crazy. Now Hruta has started her new life. Ella hruta was recently engaged to be married. In December, Hrithik ate sugar pudding with Prateek Shah. Now, the symbol of the heart has given sweet news to all who are getting married. The couple’s wedding photos and videos are going viral on social media.

A video of Hrithik’s wedding is quickly going viral on social media. In this video you can see her Maharashtrian look with yellow saree, mundavalya, traditional ornaments. The video shows Hruta getting emotional as soon as he enters the wedding hall. She is also seen shedding tears at this pleasant moment. Her parents’ eyes are also clearly seen in this video. This beautiful video of hers has been shared by makeup artist Nishi Godbole from her Instagram account.

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Hruta looks very beautiful in a traditional style. Her happiness on her face is also seen in this video. For Hruta, as for other girls, this was the most beautiful moment of her life. The heart symbol of her was married in the presence of very few people. Within hours, her wedding photos and videos went viral on social media.

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Fans, along with many celebrities, wished Hrita-Pratik a happy new life. Hrithik confessed his love in an interview a few months ago and introduced his boyfriend Prateek Shah. Pratik is working in the field of Hindi television. Also his mother, Mugdha Shah, is a famous actress in the world of Marathi and Hindi television.

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