Unknown Facts Of Kannada Actress Shanaya Katwe On Her Birthday Murdered…

Happy Birthday Shanaya Katwe: Southern film actress Shanaya Katwe has also been a great role model. In 2018, the actress made her foray into acting. This actress didn’t stay in the spotlight so much because of her movie career as she did in the headlines because of her personal life. A great controversy was associated with this actress when she was accused of killing her own brother.

Shanaya Katve’s Birthday

Shanaya Katve was born on December 26, 2000 in Karnataka. Her father passed away at a young age and only her mother gave Shanaya the love of both parents. From the beginning, her mother wanted her daughter to enter the world of cinema. After modeling, Shanaya took her first step into the Kannada film industry in the year 2018. ‘Idam Premam Jeevan’ was the actress’ debut feature. Apart from this, Shanaya was also doing a great job in the field of modeling. In the same year, Shanaya also worked as a cabin crew at SpiceJet airline.

Shanaya accused of killing her brother

In 2021, Shanaya gained industry recognition for an adult comedy film ‘Ondu Ghantte Kathe’ with South Indian star Ajay Raj. It was then that Shanaya felt that now her film career had come to an end. Meanwhile, Shanaya had fallen in love with a man named Niyaz. Both began to live together in a cohabitation relationship. However, Shanaya’s brother Rakesh Katve did not like this, Rakesh’s eyes began to sting due to his sister’s attachment to another religion, he began to oppose this relationship of Shanaya’s which made the actress angry and she started to talk to his own brother. death was created. This murder case is from the year 2021.

The lover and his family also supported the crime

Giving a statement on this matter, Dharwad Police Superintendent P Krishnakant said that ‘Rakesh was a big hindrance to his love life. Therefore, he was killed and the body was burned. Let me tell you, in the investigation, on April 12, 2021, in the Devargudihal forest area, pieces of a severely burned and chopped corpse were found in a plastic bag, which after identification turned out to be Rakesh’s body.

On further questioning in the case, Shanaya Katwe, Niyaz, three of her friends were arrested, who were sent into police custody. During the interrogation, it was discovered that Niyaz’s family was also involved in this crime. Let us tell you, Shanaya’s film ‘Chhota Bombay’ is also released in the year 2022.

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