“Torch in hand and aggression in the eyes…”, the new actress Mukta Barve…

The film ‘Y’ directed by Ajit Suryakant Wadikar will be released on June 24. Currently, many people are sharing posters with the letter ‘Y’ on social networks. Many artists, dignitaries from various fields are seen sharing this photo and showing their support. Recently, another poster for the Marathi movie ‘Y’ was shown. The poster is currently being discussed on social media.

Mukta Barve is always active on social media. He always shares various photos and videos of her. Recently, Mukta Barve shared a new poster for his upcoming movie Y. In this poster, Mukta Barve looks aggressive. He shows her fighting with a torch in her hand.

MP Sujay Vikhen writes letter ‘Y’ on paper, gives support to Mukta Barve, photo goes viral

“Why is the torch extinguished for fear of the dark? “And ‘from June 24 at your nearest cinema”, she said while sharing this poster. Who exactly is he fighting for and why? The answers to these and many more questions will soon be known to the audience.

“I support you”, in the discussion after the ‘her’ of the actress Prajakta Mali

Many Marathi actors will be seen in this movie along with Mukta Barve. But for now, their names are in the business. But right now, the poster for this movie is generating a lot of discussion on social media.

Produced by Control n Productions, the story for this film is by Ajit Suryakant Wadikar. The script and dialogues of this film are written by Ajit Wadikar, Swapnil Sojwal and Sandeep Dandwate. The executive producer is Viraj Vinay Munot. The film will hit theaters on June 24.

2022-05-26 10:29:42

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