“Those who want to be cursed…”, Tejaswini Pand on trolling in the daring scene of ‘Ranbazar’…

For the past few days, the web series ‘Ranbazar’ has been receiving a good discussion in the Marathi cinema. This web series, based on the context of real events, will present something never seen before. Actress Prajakta Mali and Tejaswini Pandit are seen in the lead roles of this web series. They both deal with their confidence when they choose to embark on their gaming activities. They are both being trolled for this. Tejaswini Pandit has recently commented on this trolling.

Tejaswini Pandit interacted with in the context of the upcoming Ranbazar web series. At the time, she commented on her role in the film, the political themes, and the trolling of the daring scenes. This time, she said, “I never mind these personal things. This hasn’t happened before. Not even now. It probably won’t happen even after this. Because I’ve changed the way I look at it.”

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“Because I have changed the way I see it. I think as long as there is discussion, as long as it reaches people, the positive and negative things remain. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you give to other people,” he said.

“Because those who want to swear, how long will they swear on the teaser? They’ll have to watch the series for that, but after watching it, no one will want to swear. Because this is not a work of art,” Tejaswini said.

Meanwhile, he was asked which political leaders he likes right now. “My role is great,” she said. I really like Nitin Gadkari. I really like Sharad Pawar’s brain. I really like the directness of Nitin Gadkari. I really liked Balasaheb Thackeray’s liver. I would love to have a leader with a mixture of all these people.

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The web series is directed by Abhijeet Panse, a director who specializes in sensitive subjects. He has also played an important role in this webseries. The crime thriller web series directed by Abhijit Panse has been produced by Akshay Bardapurkar, Planet Marathi, Ravana Future Productions. ‘Ranbazar’ will be available on ‘Planet Marathi OTT’ from May 20th.

2022-05-19 13:21:23

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