“This is not Afghanistan,” Karan Kundra said after Sidhu Musewala’s assassination.

Karan Kundra’s angry reaction to the murder of Sidhu Musewala

Karan Kundra has reacted angrily to the Sidhu Musewala murder case.

TV actor Karan Kundra’s reaction to the case is being discussed on social media.

Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala was shot dead at the age of 28. He was shot dead by 30 rounds in the Mansa district of Punjab. Goldie Berar, a Canadian gangster, has claimed responsibility for the murders. This news has shocked everyone. Many Bollywood and Hindi TV actors reacted to this. Currently, television actor Karan Kundra’s reaction to the case is being discussed on social media.

While reacting to the Sidhu Musewala case, Karan Kundra has expressed his anger. “It just came to our notice then. But I think the worst thing is that all these things happen around the clock and that too in Punjab. Sadly a mother has lost her son. Sidhu’s video that is going viral on the social media is heartbreaking. Such things are happening in Punjab. This is how bullets are fired. Such a weapon is not allowed in our country. I’m sorry, but this is not Afghanistan.

Aside from this, Karan also tweeted on social media. He wrote on his Twitter: “Very bad news has come from Punjab. This is not good at all. Sidhu Musewala was a legend. I am sad and I am angry.” Apart from this, Shahnaz Gill, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Kapil Sharma, Jasmine Bhasin, Mika Singh, Salim Merchant have also commented on the matter.

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