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Kangana Ranaut seems to be expressing her views clearly on every controversial topic in the art world. She is also often trolled for her controversial statements. But she seems to be ignoring all this. Kangana has already expressed her views on topics such as dynasticism and fee disputes in Bollywood. She is currently busy promoting her upcoming movie ‘Dhakad’. But she now turns to Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, saying that Bollywood actors don’t appreciate her film.

What did Kangana Ranaut say?
It came to light when Salman Khan shared the trailer for Kangana’s ‘Dhakad’ movie. In a recent interview, Kangana has once again addressed Bollywood actors. When asked about the current state of Bollywood, Kangana said, ‘Ajay Devgn will promote other people’s movies, but he will never promote my movies. Akshay Kumar also called me and said quietly that I liked your movie trailer.’ Thalayava’. But he will never tweet my movie trailer.” This time, Kangana said that Ajay and Akshay are not promoting his movies.

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What did Kangana Ranaut say about Amitabh Bachchan?
When asked why someone would do something like that with his movie, Kangana said, “You have to ask this question, not me. I can’t answer that. Big B Amitabh Bachchan also tweeted my movie trailer and then deleted that tweet. You have to ask them why they did that.”

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Kangana has now started a new discussion. Kangana says that other artists should support me like I support other artists. Furthermore, Kangana also praised the movies ‘Sher Shah’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’. Kangana feels that other actors should also appreciate my films. It remains to be seen how other actors will respond to Kangana’s statement.

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