“There is no one like him” Imran Hashmi got emotional in memory of KK

“There is no one like him” Imran Hashmi got emotional in memory of KK

After KK’s death, Imran Hashmi’s social media post is in the news.

KK was considered the voice of Imran Hashmi.

The untimely departure of famous Bollywood singer KK Krishnakumar Kunnath has come as a shock not only to the music industry but to Bollywood in general. While the entire industry expresses regret over this, actor Imran Hashmi also reacted emotionally after KK’s death. KK was considered the voice of Imran Hashmi. In his 26-year Bollywood career, KK has sung in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and a few other languages. But most of his songs were sung for Imran Hashmi’s movies. Imran and KK’s duet was well received by the audience.

KK’s disappearance has come as a shock to Imran Hashmi. He shared an emotional post on Twitter after KK’s death. Sharing a photo of KK, Imran wrote, “What a voice, what a talent, whose magic no one else can show. Songs like his are no longer sung. It was always special for me to work on the songs that KK sang. There is no one else.” like him. KK will always be in our hearts. You will always be alive in the audience with your song.”

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For Imran Hashmi, KK wrote ‘Beete Lamhe’, ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’, ‘Zara Si Dil Mein De Jagah Tu’, ‘Ai Bekhbar’, ‘Dil Ibadat’, ‘Jahrili Raatein’, ‘Dil Ibadat’ and ‘ O Meri’ He has had many hits like ‘Jaan’. There was a time in the 90s when KK was sung in every one of Imran’s movies. Although Imran’s movie wasn’t a hit, KK’s songs in that movie always were.

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Meanwhile, KK told the organizers to turn off the lights when he got into trouble during the concert. Around 8:30 pm, KK finished the live concert and returned to the hotel. But after that, her health began to deteriorate. He was admitted to the Calcutta Medical Research Institute at 10:30 am. But the doctors there pronounced him dead. High-level doctors, administrative officials and high-ranking police officers from the hospital were present on the occasion.

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