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Actor Ranveer Singh’s name has been in the limelight in Bollywood for over a decade. Under the banner of Yashraj Productions, from a movie like ‘Band Baja Barat’, a young man from Aladdin Khilji to Bajirao to cricketer Kapil Dev… has created the identity of actor Ranveer Singh who plays all the roles. Ranveer, who is happy with the success of the recently released movie ‘Jayeshbhai Jodar’, expressed his happiness at the reaction of his wife, actress Deepika Padukone, after seeing the movie. On this occasion, as he recalled the beginnings of his career, he too was pleased that we were able to pull it off with director Aditya Chopra’s advice, ‘You act…’.

Ranveer is currently attending the Cannes International Film Festival. Deepika Padukone is in the role of examiner at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. So, on the one hand, Deepika is in the news, but on the other hand, the story of her love affair has become a topic of discussion again because of Ranveer, who used to go to Kanwari to meet her. After watching the movie ‘Jayeshbhai Jodar’, Deepika expressed her opinion very honestly, she says. Deepika is our closest person. So everything she says about her work is very important to us, she says. She had had the same reaction after seeing the movie ‘Jayeshbhai Jodar’ as she had after seeing her work in ’83. He says that her words, her opinion, hurt him directly. In ‘Jayeshbhai Jodar’, Ranveer played the role of a young Gujarati. For this role, he has worked hard on both body language and his body language. The way he works and prepares for each role is the same way he prepared for this role and that is why he feels on screen that he is completely in tune with Ranveer Singh’s personality. He said that Deepika appreciated him for this.

In each case, they have taken advantage of it, despite the obstacles we can barely imagine.” He acts in each film in the same way that he does in parallel or realistic films. However, he also succeeds in commercial or spice films. Deepika has been surprised by the balance she has achieved in Hartarhe’s cinema as an actress, saying that even after seeing Deepika in the form of Kapil Dev in ’83, she had had the same reaction, while expressing satisfaction with the success he has had in his career, he says that the days of struggle in the early days also played a part.His movie ‘Banda Baja Barat’ was about to be released as soon as it started, at that time his posters were everywhere outside from theaters. When he saw such a poster, he overheard a conversation between two young men. Who is this artist? He didn’t look like a hero, he said. He was advised by his creator and guru Aditya Chopra at the time. “If you don’t see Hrithik Roshan. .. so s you act,” she had said. He didn’t have a handsome face like a hero, so she had decided that he could walk here just on the strength of acting. He is pleased that we were able to accomplish this today.

He says that Bhansali has played an important role in his struggle as an actor. There is no limit to how advanced the art of acting must be. As an artist, he took acting from me in different ways. He said that by doing any role, we have realized that we can do it according to our rules, we can find and test our potential. He also said that as an artist, his appetite for portraying different personalities and making different movies is also increasing.

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