“The responsibility of Hindutva is now yours…”, just the meeting of Anand Dighe and Raj Thackeray in the movie ‘Dharmaveer’…

Many memories of Dharmaveer Anand Dighe are being revived on the occasion of the movie ‘Dharmaveer: Mukkam Post Thane’. The film premiered yesterday May 13. The film is based on the life of Dharmaveer Anand Dighe. After that, a photo of MNS President Raj Thackeray and Anand Dighe went viral on social media.

This photo has been shared from the MNS Report Twitter account. In this photo, Anand Dighe is seen in hospital and Raj Thackeray had visited him. Sharing this photo, “The responsibility of Hindutva is now yours – Dharmaveer. The last conversation between Dharmaveer Anand Dighe and the honorable Rajsaheb Thackeray in hospital,” he captioned it. A video of the movie scene has gone viral on social media.

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Aside from this, a clip from the movie has also gone viral on social media. This video shows all of their dialogue. Meanwhile, a special screening of the film was held yesterday at the Cinepolis multiplex at Viviana Mall in Thane. All the guests present on the occasion were received with a great fanfare, to the sound of drums and lezim comparsas. Also, milk anointing was performed in front of the Dharmaveer Anand Dighe cuttings.

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