The movie ‘Yere Yere Pavasa’ is coming soon. Have you seen the teaser yet? | yes yes wow…

Everyone is waiting for the rain…sometimes it’s drenched in mist and sometimes it’s rainy…sometimes it’s windy and sometimes it’s lifeless. Chimukalyas in a small town are also waiting for this rain. For that, they are looking at the sky. The colorful story of their game of hope and despair is the upcoming Marathi movie ‘Yere Yere Pavasa’. The teaser for this movie was recently released.

Gifoni, Hollywood North Film, Tokyo Indy Film and many more National and International Film Festivals. Officially selected at 31 film festivals in 14 countries, the film has so far garnered 22 nominations and 16 awards. The film is produced by Sharik Khan and directed by Shafqat Khan. The film is produced by SQB Films India LLP and co-produced by Anya Zhang (Butterfly Films).

Gyanchand Chauhan and Sumedh Gaikwad are the executive producers. The film is shot by Yogesh M. Koli and compiled by Chandan Arora. The story is by Bhushan Dalvi and the screenplay is by Shafak Khan and Bhushan Dalvi. The dialogues are written by Abhishek Kargutkar and Vinod Jadhav. Songs written by Amol Powale have been set to music by Sushant Pawar and Kishore Pawar. The voices of Avadhut Gupte and Swapnil Bandodkar have benefited from the songs in the film. The sound is by Chakir Hussain and the art direction is by Yogesh Ingle.

The film stars Chhaya Kadam, Milind Shinde, Sandesh Jadhav, Chinmayi Salvi, Vinayak Potdar, Arya Adhav, Pradip Navale, Prajakta Wadye, Vaibhav Patil, Hrishikesh Karle, Nakul Chaudhary, Vaishnavi Ranmale, Utkarsh Karle, and Achala Panchal.

2022-05-18 15:25:59

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